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Unemployment and redundancy insurance advice from ACC Associates

Being made redundant can cause many problems as many people have found in the past – not least the fact that there simply may not be enough money to pay the bills. Most people will agree that their home is their most important material possession and as the “old” saying goes – an Englishman’s home is his castle, yet if mortgage payments cannot be made, the security of a home can be taken away.

To discuss your insurance options in regard to unemployment insurance, feel free to call us on (01249) 599019. If you need more convincing of this important insurance continue reading to learn more about unemployment or redundancy insurance and the potential effects of loosing yours or your loved ones income.

Some employed individuals may receive a redundancy payment however this may not be sufficient to cover more than the cost of your outgoings for a month, and according to past reports in the media, many of us couldn’t survive for more than a month on savings alone.

Though state benefits are available, you normally have to be incapacitated or unemployed for a prolonged period before this support begins.

What is your current provision without unemployment or redundancy insurance?

The first step to finding how long you could survive, should the worst happen, is to review your available savings and your monthly cost of living – we have a monthly budget planner available which will point you in the right direction and may even bring to light some outgoings you have forgotten about!

What to do next to receive unemployment insurance advice

Getting the right unemployment or redundancy quote and insurance is an important part of finding the right insurance for you. This is easily done – you can either call us on (01249) 599019.


Payment protection insurance is optional. There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance and other products designed to protect you against the loss of income.