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Property search options from ACC Associates’ mortgage broker and advisor service

ACC Associates mortgage brokers and advisors want to not only offer you an excellent mortgage and financial advice service wherever you across the UK, but to also help you find the home or buy to let property of your dreams. This can be achieved via the various property search options you have available today, whether its via the traditional method of going to an estate agent directly or using one of the online property search engines such as Rightmove or Zoopla.

It can be a very exciting but stressful time when moving home or buying a buy to let property. ACC Associates would like you to have less stress and more excitement! We’re here to help you with every aspect of your property purchase and mortgage, ensuring that you also have sufficient insurance and financial protection.

Your first step to buying your new home or buy to let property

As discussed in our mortgage process page, the first step to buying your new home or buy to let property is to speak with a mortgage broker and advisor to gain an insight into your mortgage borrowing needs and who can advise you of your options. Once we are aware of your mortgage options and borrowing capability, you will be able to start your home or property search confident you are able to obtain any necessary finance you need – thanks to a mortgage decision/agreement in principle that ACC Associates’ mortgage broker and advice service can arrange for you.

Feel free to call us on (01249) 599019. Continue reading to learn more about your property search options.

Your new home or buy to let investment property search

Our property search links will enable you to choose an area by postcode or town, anywhere in the UK and even abroad, to narrow down your search by the type of property and price for you. You will then be able to see in-depth information and photographs of the properties you select with a link through to the relevant estate agent or even to book a valuation online from the comfort of your own home.

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Once you have found your new home or buy to let investment

Once you are happy with the property or properties that you have found following your search, call us on  (01249) 599019 and we’ll re-search the mortgage market for the appropriate property finance for your needs and ensure you fit the mortgage lenders criteria. As mentioned above, before you approach an estate agent to view and search for properties, it is beneficial to have a mortgage agreed in principle. The estate agent will take you more seriously and some estate agents will not accept an offer from you until you can confirm that you have a mortgage agreed – by doing this we will ensure you are in control of your property search.

Once you have agreed the price on your new purchase you can leave the rest to us – including introducing you to Solicitors/Conveyancers who will take care of your legal needs. You will be able to feel confident in the knowledge you have someone who is qualified, experienced and knowledgeable working for you – ensuring your interests are the highest priority.