Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgages from ACC Associates brokers and advisors

A commercial mortgage is likely to be the way to finance the purchase of land and/or buildings for your business. A commercial mortgage is a specific commercial loan. There are a wide range of providers offering a range of commercial finance products.

Commercial mortgages are typically tailor made for purchasing any commercial property used for business purposes and, as with conventional residential mortgages, the lender has a legal claim over the property until the finance has been repaid in full. Although commercial mortgages often come with higher interest rates and more variables than residential mortgages, commercial mortgages are more flexible and can carry extra incentives for you.

Lenders will treat semi-commercial properties such as a shop with a flat above in the same way as a commercial mortgage despite a part of the property being for residential use.

In the main there are two different types of Commercial Mortgages

The first is a “Business Mortgage” (or an owner-occupier mortgage). If you require a mortgage to purchase premises for your business, you’ll need a business mortgage (or owner-occupier mortgage). If however, you already own your business property and need to refinance the premises, you’ll require a business remortgage (or owner-occupier mortgage).

The second type of Commercial Mortgage is commonly known as a “Commercial Investment Mortgage”. This type of commercial mortgage is used if you are looking to invest in non-residential property to rent out to other businesses. As with Business Mortgages, if you already own the commercial property, you’ll need a commercial investment remortgage.

At ACC Associates, we understand that busy business people don’t all work office hours, so we are able to provide commercial mortgages to you at a time that suits you – daytime, evenings or weekends. So why not call us on (01249) 599019 to start your commercial mortgage enquiry.

Types of industry where commercial mortgage finance could be available to you

As commercial lending is underwritten on a case by case basis, there is no hard and fast rule as to what they will lend against. That said, there are a number of typical types of property and industries we deal with most often:

Agricultural mortgages including:

  • Mortgages for farms
  • Mortgages for farm buildings
  • Mortgages for farmland


Care home mortgages including:

  • Mortgages for convalescent homes
  • Mortgages for hospices
  • Mortgages for nursing homes
  • Mortgages for rest homes for the elderly
  • Mortgages for residential care homes


Industrial property mortgages including:

  • Mortgages for factories
  • Mortgages for garages
  • Mortgages for industrial parks
  • Mortgages for light industrial units
  • Mortgages for storage facilities
  • Mortgages for warehouses
  • Mortgages for storage units


Leisure property mortgages including:

  • Mortgages for bars
  • Mortgages for bed and breakfast (B&Bs)
  • Mortgages for cafes
  • Mortgages for casinos
  • Mortgages for golf clubs
  • Mortgages for guesthouses
  • Mortgages for health clubs
  • Mortgages for hotels
  • Mortgages for nightclubs
  • Mortgages for pubs
  • Mortgages for restaurants
  • Mortgages for spas
  • Mortgages for sports and leisure facilities
  • Mortgages for beauty salons
  • Mortgages for hairdressers


Office property mortgages including:

  • Mortgages for offices above shops
  • Mortgages for office blocks


Professional property mortgages including:

  • Mortgages for chambers
  • Mortgages for childcare nurseries
  • Mortgages for doctor surgeries
  • Mortgages for dentist surgeries
  • Mortgages for private schools
  • Mortgages for veterinary surgeries


Retail commercial property investment mortgages including:

  • Mortgages for retail parks
  • Mortgages for retail units


Semi-commercial mortgages including:

  • Mortgages for hotels with owners accommodation
  • Mortgages for offices with flats above
  • Mortgages for shops with flats above

Finding a competitive and appropriate loan can be a very confusing, time consuming and sometimes costly exercise. ACC Associates brokers and advisors offer a wide range of commercial mortgages if you are considering your options. You don’t have to bank with us to use our mortgage service!

Your next step for your commercial mortgage

ACC Associates can provide commercial mortgages to you at a time that suits you – daytime, evenings or weekends. So why not call us on (01249) 599019.


Commercial mortgages are NOT regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Commercial Mortgages will be referred to an Intermediary Partner who can provide advice in this area.