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Welcome, we are a mortgage and insurance broker advisor who deals with Banks, Buildings Societies and other financial Institutions from across the market – we have access to thousands of different mortgage deals available throughout the UK. That’s why we’re confident we’ll find the right mortgage deal for you. Our mortgage broker service has been designed to give instant mortgage and insurance advice and professional mortgage broker support to our clients. Your personal ACC Associates mortgage broker and advisor will provide mortgage advice online, over the phone or in person – at a time that suits you. We want to help you save time, effort and the worry of arranging a mortgage, which is why we can provide mortgage and insurance advice when you need it! We can arrange your mortgage and insurance at a time that suits you – call us now on (01249) 599019 or enquire online for an initial no-obligation review on your new mortgage, remortgage, life insurance or home insurance with someone who has your needs at heart.

For some, obtaining a new mortgage (also known as a remortgage or re-mortgage) on your existing home or buying a new home – maybe as a first-time buyer, can be one of the most stressful events in your life. You may find deciding what mortgage is right for you a confusing and time consuming activity – which is why we offer you a friendly, straight talking service, where you can talk with a real person who will know first-hand about your situation. We provide that personal touch which will ensure you feel in control throughout the process.

We are established mortgage and insurance advisors and have clients, just like you, throughout the country. We pride ourselves on finding the right mortgage and insurance solution for you. We aim to make your experience re-assuring and as hassle-free as possible.


By taking advantage of the mortgage calculators and technology we have access to as mortgage brokers, most of our clients have their mortgages agreed by us before they have found a new home or buy to let, investment property. This will put you in a position to negotiate the price of your new home or property, with the same confidence as a cash buyer! As mentioned above, with access to thousands of mortgage deals and schemes you can be confident your new mortgage will be right for you. So if you’re looking for the right mortgage deal, want to know which mortgage is for you as a first-time buyer, wanting a new home loan mortgage, a remortgage, a buy to let mortgage/remortgage or you are looking for a flexible / offset mortgage you’ve found the right advisor and broker service for your mortgage and insurance needs.


Managing Director of ACC Associates, Andrew Charles has over 15 years experience in the mortgage and financial services industry as a financial advisor, mortgage broker advisor and business development manager for a mortgage distributor.

If you want to find out what mortgage deal and insurance is right for you and be confident which mortgage rate type is going to suit you, call us on (01249) 599019 or complete an online mortgage, remortgage, life insurance or home insurance request to start your mortgage or insurance search.

Mortgage Services

At ACC Associates we can offer you a mortgage from our wide range of lenders to ensure you have the right mortgage deal. This will make sure you aren’t left worrying what is the right mortgage lender for you! Some of the products and types of mortgage available to you could include:

  • Standard Variable Rate Mortgage
  • Base Rate Tracker Mortgage
  • Discount Rate Mortgage
  • Fixed rate Mortgage
  • Capped Rate Mortgage
  • Flexible Mortgage
  • Off-set Mortgage
  • Cash-back Mortgage

You can arrange your mortgage and insurance at a time that suits you – call us now on (01249) 599019 or complete an online mortgage, remortgage, life insurance or home insurance request to start your mortgage or insurance search.