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Home insurance advice from ACC Associates

Your home or investment property is likely to be your largest asset, and yet few people look further than the cost of the premium when considering contents or buildings insurance – this is why at ACC Associates, we feel it is important to take advice when you are obtaining insurance to protect one of your most valuable assets. It is surprising that the vast number of people consider an insurance premium to be dead money because they believe they will never make a claim against their buildings and contents insurance policy. The reality is, unfortunately, quite the reverse and you only know how good your buildings and contents insurance provider is at the time when you need it most – and then it could be too late! Finding the right buildings and/or contents insurance can be complicated and confusing. With so many buildings and contents insurance companies offering their services it can be a difficult decision knowing who you can trust and rely on. You could use the bank, one of the many price comparison websites or even your local supermarket! But do you just want to be a number or would you like to know who to speak to or email if you have a query – knowing that person can be relied on?

At ACC Associates we deal with some of the UK’s top insurers who offer you comprehensive, reliable and competitive cover that have a reputation for being customer focused. Our specialist knowledge will enable us to quickly advise you on the right buildings and/or contents policy to suit your personal needs and requirements. This doesn’t mean it’s going to cost you a fortune to get the right insurance cover either, our insurers are competitive in the market so you will still get that great deal and the benefit of knowing that you will be covered correctly should you need to make a claim against your buildings and contents policy.

Buildings Insurance

Your buildings insurance policy protects you against financial loss due to a wide range of risks such as fire, lightning, storm or flood damage, even things falling from aircraft!

Equally importantly, your buildings insurance policy provides you with liability cover, in the event that you are responsible for an injury or damage to someone else’s property, for example, a tile falling off the roof of your house and damaging your neighbours’ car.

The value of your buildings insurance policy (the sum assured) is based upon the cost to totally rebuild your property. Usually, when the surveyor inspects the property on behalf of the mortgage company they provide their estimate of the rebuild cost and the mortgage company will require you to insure the property in line with this recommendation.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance cover is optional, but it’s not a good idea to skimp as many people who suffered from the flooding in the summer of 2017 or winter of 2015/16 have experienced. Contents insurance covers items which are not part of the fabric of your building such as furniture, electrical equipment, your clothes, even cash kept at home.

What do I do next to receive home insurance advice from ACC Associates

Getting the right quote and insurance is an important part of finding the right buildings and/or contents insurance for you. This is easily done – you can call us on (01249) 599019.